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Milwaukee's big creative class leap

Published Dec. 11, 2015

Today, Richard Florida released new data that shows how cities have grown and fallen in their creative class ranks. His "Winners and Losers of the U.S. Creative Class," bodes well for Milwaukee.


Fitness and my Fitbit Flex

Published Jan. 24, 2014

During Healthy Living Week I'm here to tell you that I shouldn't have waited so long to get a Fitbit Flex. I love the thing, and think you will too.


Local restaurants treasure the artichoke

Published Oct. 29, 2009

If ever a vegetable were to have a cult-like following, it would be the artichoke. It's true: lovers of this big thistle plant are emphatic about it, whether the "heart" is chopped and served on pizza and in hot dips or the entire plant is hard boiled and devoured. Here's a list of Milwaukee eateries with artichoke dishes on the menu.


Fulbeli Deli is Koppa's bread and butter

Published Aug. 8, 2009

Years ago, Koppa's Farwell Foods was predominantly a grocery store, but today, the corner market's main draw is the Fulbeli Deli. recently went on the job with experienced sandwich maker Emily Mowrer to observe her sammy-makin' magic.


Are bars recession-proof?

Published Jan. 19, 2009

With Atomic shutting down and now the news that after 82 years, Schwartz Bookshops will close in the Milwaukee area, I wondered if the old adage that says bars (and perhaps bar / restaurants) are recession-proof is true. So, I asked someone who oughta know.

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