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Fun with inflammatory polarizing statements

Published Jan. 3, 2017

Today the Riverwest Neighborhood Facebook Group succinctly mapped out what online conflicts look like after a user posted one inflammatory, polarizing statement.

Reader blogs:

Rev. Ron reviews "Last Vegas"

It's been some time since I've spent a significant amount of time in Las Vegas but my time has never been as eventful as the movies make it out to be. There's no big breasted beautiful woman in bikinis giving me a wink and a smile, no huge jackpot on my first pull of a slot machine crank, no blac...

Rev. Ron reviews "Don Jon"

There are many undeniable truths out there in the world and one of them is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is awesome as sh*t. The guy is a tremendous actor, he can cover the sh*t out of a Tom Waits song and, when you look at pictures of him, you can't help but assume that he always smells like fresh l...

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