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Third Ward tour traces Milwaukee's ghost stories

Published April 7, 2009

Allison Jornlin isn't sure she believes in ghosts. In reference to the topic, she calls herself a Fortean, a term named for the American writer and researcher Charles Fort who cataloged curiosities and confounded scientists with anomalies they couldn't explain. Essentially, she's neither a strict believer nor non-believer.

Reader blogs:

We Are Not Alone Paranormal Trade Shows

To me, the words ‘trade show’ conjure images of zombie-like packs of business people prowling around a convention center clutching one of those plastic vendors bags. They stop at every booth and grab all the swag they can, while assiduously avoiding eye contact. You know what I mean.&...

Is it Too Soon?

Ed Gein?  Maybe yes, maybe no. Jeffrey Dahmer?  Probably. The 14-year old boy who was brutally killed in Whitnall Park?  Yes. You won’t be surprised to discover that, in the course of researching Haunt Spots, I run across a lot of murders.  Sometimes, it’s a fit of...

Super Light for Spectral Detection

Confession — it’s all about the day.  Sunny day, everything is sharp.  Cloudy day, everything is movie-set atmospheric.  Either way, we win. Another confession — It was this time of year when I got hooked on researching Wisconsin haunts.  Night time chill did...

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