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First name Tweed: Area blues band Tweed Funk launches third disc

Published April 5, 2014

In honor of the seven new original tunes on "First Name Lucky," the new CD by Milwaukee blues outfit Tweed Funk, we hit guitarist J.D. Optekar with seven questions about the WAMI Award-winning band, which has released three records in three years.


Sieger's musical walk in the park with Koch

Published March 22, 2014

Last summer, two Milwaukee music giants - John Sieger and Greg Koch - unveiled their CD collaboration, "Plays Well With Others," showing how two strong voices could reach a perfect pitch by working in unison. Back then, Sieger - who also remains active with his band Semi-Twang - made it clear that he and Koch had completed many more songs than could be collected on "Plays Well With Others." Now, another stack of them arrives in the form of Sieger's "A Walk In The Park," which comes out on April 1.


WD-40 ... Is that a German thing?

Published Sept. 17, 2013

Of the five Sieger brothers, I'm the one who writes songs and always turns the screwdriver the wrong way. There are four other male sibs, two on either side, who can do things like rebuild an engine, wire a house, remodel a bathroom or make hi-tech mounts for $6 million Greek statues (that would be brother Bob, who spent time at the Getty). Me? I cry when I see tools in my hand.


Countdown to angsty-ness: Sieger prepares for Europe

Published Sept. 16, 2013

While I'm looking forward to getting some new stories, I'm also the kind of pins-and-needles guy who can spin innocent anticipation into morbid dread with very little coaxing. This is especially true two days before I cross a fairly large and wavy ocean to drive all over Germany and many of its former conquests with Klaus, a guy Greg describes as a little crazy. I hope he's wrong.

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