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My new Downtown office (not really)

Published Sept. 17, 2013

Like you, I can't be everywhere at once. And like a lot of folks, I'm a creature of habit. These are the kinds of things I tell myself to justify the fact that after 30 years in Milwaukee, I only visited My Office, 763 N. Milwaukee St., for the first time today.


The best burger in New Berlin?

Published Nov. 16, 2011

Today I made the 25-minute drive to Matty's Bar and Grille, 14460 W. College Ave. I'm not sure if I've ever ordered another hamburger in New Berlin, so I can't say definitively if it was the best. But I'd stack it alongside the best burgers I've had in Milwaukee, so it's very possible that it is.


Where's your favorite underrated burger?

Published Oct. 18, 2011

Milwaukee's a great burger town with a ton of heavyweights. But, where's your favorite place for that special, underrated and seldom publicized burger?


Six George Webb diners to change name

Published Aug. 31, 2011

Six George Webb restaurants will open under the new name Griddlers Cafe on Thursday, Sept. 1. Griddlers Cafe, owned by Don and Robb Hensiak, is a 24-hour diner.


Smashburger: "Coming Spring 2010"

Published Aug. 28, 2009

I haven't received a response from the company yet, but according to Smashburger's Facebook page the burger franchise is "coming Spring 2010" to Milwaukee.

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