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Proposed Oktoberfest promises to invigorate neglected MacArthur Square

Published Sept. 15, 2017

Something big is coming. And it promises - not only to bring people together in celebration of life and German culture - but also to reinvigorate an urban plaza many have grown to see as a useless eyesore. Are you ready for the largest Oktoberfest in Milwaukee history?


Reviving history: The Estabrook Park beer garden project

Published March 15, 2012

Read any history of Milwaukee and you'll find stories of historic beer gardens established along the Milwaukee River beginning in the 19th century and continuing through prohibition in the early 1900s. These beer gardens were community gathering places, open air picnic areas with a festive family atmosphere. And the Milwaukee County Park System hopes to bring that spirit back to Estabrook, a park with a long, storied history.

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