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"Cease is Increase" documents alternative music scene

Published July 11, 2013

Sadly, little has been written about some of the most fertile periods in Milwaukee rock and roll history. Now, Steve Nodine, who was part of the scene during that era as a member of Dark Facade, has self-published "Cease is Increase: An Oral History of Milwaukee's Punk and Alternative Music Scene."


The Cease Is Increase: Remembering Milwaukee's punk past

Published Dec. 1, 2012

If you searched punk or punk rock on Google, you wouldn't find many photos that look like Steve Nodine. However, ask him one or two questions about punk and Milwaukee's punk history, and it's easy to see a passion and excitement that hasn't aged a day or lost a step.


Richard LaValliere, role model: A personal remembrance

Published Feb. 14, 2012

That headline may seem a bit tongue-in-cheek. And certainly, while typing the words "Richard LaValliere, role model," I couldn't help but smile and shake my head; this is, after all, the man who wrote and performed both "City of Cleavage" and "Naked-on-the-Internet Polka." Yet for those of us who were privileged to know both Richard and his work, and who found in him a shining example of how to follow one's own path, the "role model" designation is accurate.


Kevn Kinney remembers Richard LaValliere

Published Feb. 14, 2012

Last week, Peter Jest called to say I oughta talk to Milwaukee ex-pat Kevn Kinney, who comes home to play this weekend. He was right. Then, soon after, news emerged that Kinney's fellow traveler Richard LaValliere had died in Brooklyn - where Kinney now lives, too - and Peter called again. There was now a sadder reason to reconnect with Kevn. He was right again. So, of course, I did.


LaValliere was a true original

Published Feb. 13, 2012

A dull beat-up van slowly pulled into the driveway and an interesting looking skinny man wearing a beret and walking with a distinctive bounce in his step approached the front door. Richard politely introduced himself to me and my parents. My mind began to race.

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