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Harley-Davidson goes electric (sort of)

Published Oct. 2, 2015

The ultimate American gas and oil motorcycle company Harley-Davidson is trying to "go electric" with its Project Livewire motorcycle.


OnMedia: The big winner in the election TV show

Published Nov. 3, 2010

She lost her election, but Christine O'Donnell has won a spot as a familiar TV face... Jon Stewart's Washington rally pulls in a substantial audience for a Saturday afternoon... Conan O'Brien's five-minute run-through.


OnMedia: Is it time for Christmas music just yet?

Published Oct. 29, 2010

It's Halloween weekend, which has, in the past, seen the launch of Christmas music on the radio ... A Marcus movie deal for the next week ... Channel 58 finally shows up in HD on Dish Network.


Rapid review: Harley-Davidson Museum

Published March 17, 2010

Harley-Davidson's history spans 107 years in Milwaukee, but the museum dedicated to it is a much newer local institution. The Harley-Davidson Museum opened in 2008 on a 20-acre plot in the Menomonee Valley, an historically industrial area near Downtown.


OnMedia: Baseball or not, you can see the news at 9

Published Oct. 20, 2009

Thanks to Channel 6's digital subchannel 6.2 -- also available to digital cable viewers -- the Fox station is able to broadcast tonight's ALCS game, and offer the normal 9 o'clock news to viewers who aren't baseball fans.

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