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New life for Sydney HIH?

Published July 3, 2012

Today, I received an email that local developer John Raettig sent to Ald. Robert Bauman. It explains his ideas for the Sydney HIH building. It's posted below so I'll let it do the talking,


Why weird works

Published June 14, 2012

My wife recently made a very Austin-type comment - Milwaukee needs more weird. So, of course, I told her to blog her thoughts. Here they are.


We're a nice bunch. Right?

Published June 6, 2012

Today, after yesterday's election, The Atlantic asks "If Wisconsin Can't Be Nice, Who Can?" Whatever. I'd argue that both candidates are nice, and politics isn't or shouldn't be personal. Of course many people take everything personally. This won't change, but it's time to sometimes put our own "truths" to the side.


City Hall's clock is ticking and it's getting lights

Published Dec. 14, 2008

The clock atop Milwaukee's City Hall has returned to active duty, ticking its way to the correct time. We've also learned that the building will be fully lit at night and there's a big ceremony on Thursday to celebrate its rebirth.


New harbor park gets bamboo groves

Published March 22, 2006

Milwaukee's harbor entrance will soon be the site of a public plaza with a bamboo grove and the winning design is the result of an international design competition hosted by the City of Milwaukee.

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May 15th is Spaces & Traces: Brewers Hill & The Beerline Open House

Brewers’ Hill & The Beerline—where old meets the new! The Old: Brewers’ Hill is among the city’s oldest residential neighborhoods. Originally surrounded by both commercial and industrial concerns, the area developed such that business owners and laborers li...

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