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OnMedia: No labor = more television

Published Sept. 3, 2010

Rerun marathons have become a holiday TV tradition ... Channel 12 replaces Lyra O'Brien ... A look back at the Jerry Lewis-Dean Martin telethon reunion.


"Hoarders" crew digs out local dad

Published Jan. 25, 2010

An upcoming episode of A&E TV's "Hoarders" -- a series about people with compulsive hoarding disorders -- will feature a Milwaukee single father of two adopted, special needs kids and the eight local professional organizers who volunteered more than 100 hours to help him get a handle on his home.


OnMedia: More high-definition TV is on the way

Published Dec. 2, 2009

It looks like Time Warner Cable is trying to get another crop of high-definition channels launched before the end of the year. ... Yes, that was the High Life delivery guy on "Scrubs" last night. ... And Barbara Walters thinks Brett Favre is "fascinating."

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