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McClellan works to change the perception of metal detecting

Published May 4, 2014

Jim McClellan is trying to change the face of metal detecting. "To most people, someone using a metal detector conjures images of an old guy in a trucker's hat scavenging for beer and cigarette money," he says. Recently, McClellan posted a Craigslist ad offering guided tours and introductions to the metal detecting hobby.


Local metal detectors dig up treasure, junk

Published June 9, 2013

We know the weather is getting warmer when suddenly there are more runners along the lakefront, umbrellas in backyards, beer-filled festivals and metal detectors waving across the ground. Who are these people searching for buried treasure and is it really worth their time?


Dabble into the potentially exciting unknown

Published Jan. 30, 2012

Starting a new hobby or learning a new skill is a big commitment and most people just don't have the time or the energy. With this in mind, a new website,, allows Milwaukee residents to try one-time classes to decide if it's something they want to pursue further.


Writer's block solved by wolves

Published Nov. 1, 2011

Earlier today, I complained that I've got a horrible case of writer's block. It turns out that maybe I just need a new hobby. Did someone say, "You should volunteer to be a wolf tracker?"

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