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Walker's Point hostel struggles to find home

Published Jan. 6, 2013

If Carolyn Weber and Tristan Klein get their way, Walker's Point will offer Milwaukee's first hostel-style hotel called Third Coast Inn. The question, however, is where exactly the hostel will be located.


Onto Ulm

Published June 25, 2008

ULM, Germany -- It's about 15 kilometers from Blaubeuren to Ulm. I tend to favor the smaller communities outside the bigger cities because they're easier to maneuver, the people are friendlier, and there's just a better hometown feel.


The not-so-helpful man

Published June 9, 2008

I reluctantly left the wonderful youth hostel in Donauworth this morning. Before going, I was finally able to fix my handlebars. They had slipped a little following the rain in Neuburg.


Youth hostel in Donauworth

Published June 7, 2008

It's only been five days worth of biking but jet lag has finally caught up to me. I'm sure the storm excitement last night has added to my fatigue but I feel a need for a short day and some good sleep.

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