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Warbler time

Published May 14, 2013

I worked in a Downtown office building for many years. Times would come - I never kept track of the time of year - when we would find beautiful little birds dead on the sidewalk every day for a few weeks. I always wondered what was happening, but kept forgetting to look it up. What were those birds?


Milwaukee's "craziest" cat people

Published May 5, 2013

It's important to note that the people in this article are not hoarders or abusers of cats in any way. Their houses are not litter boxes. They are simply people who really, really care about cats. And sometimes dress them in hand-made clothing.


Taking the risk

Published April 24, 2013

"I'd like to have an animal, but I don't want to be sad when it dies." I hear this more often than you might imagine. When they talk to me, people often start sentences with, "I'd love to have an animal, but ..." I listen closely to what comes next. To save a lot of homeless animals' lives, we need to inspire a lot of people to have animals. Every time I hear, "I travel," "I'm allergic," "My cat wouldn't like it," and so on, it helps us plan better ways to find families who can make a place for a homeless animal.


An important meeting to save dogs

Published April 8, 2013

Ever heard of Wisconsin's Conservation Congress? If not, you're not alone. But you can make a difference for dogs if you attend a Conservation Congress meeting tonight, April 8, in your county.


If you want the dog of your dreams, get a grown-up dog

Published March 29, 2013

Puppies. They sure are cute. But one major reason people get a puppy is completely mistaken. I said it once. You might have said it. You have friends who have said it. "I want a puppy so I can raise it to be exactly the dog I want."

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