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Milwaukee shows its creative side

Published Sept. 18, 2012

On Sept. 21, the Creative Alliance hosts the Creative Milwaukee At Work Conference. This inaugural summit will feature panel discussions, a keynote address by film producer Jack Turner, a high-tech trade show and workshops for the creative workforce of Milwaukee.


We're No. 2!

Published Dec. 20, 2011

A report from last week, cited today by Biz Times, says the Milwaukee area is the No. 2 ranked "best city for industrial manufacturing."


A possible revamp for Club Anything / Elixir Lounge?

Published April 28, 2011 recently caught up with the current general manager of Walker's Point's Club Anything and the adjoined Elixir Lounge Gary Czaplewski to find out what's next for the bars, if Goth is dead and whether or not absinthe really makes you hallucinate.


A revamped Club Anything finds a new focus

Published Jan. 12, 2009

Since opening at 807 S. 5th St., Club Anything has retained its reputation as Milwaukee's premiere Goth bar, but according to owner Todd Novasic, the tag might no longer apply. With his collection of religious icons from his Sanctuary days stashed away in the basement, Novasic says Club Anything isn't the Goth hideaway people think it is. Actually, he says Milwaukee no longer has an authentic Goth bar.


New Grohmann Museum celebrates "Man at Work"

Published Oct. 30, 2007

On Saturday, Oct. 27, the Grohmann Museum opened to the public, featuring the sculptures and paintings of Grohmann's expansive collection, "Man at Work."

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