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"The Gatekeepers" a riveting insider's look into the cost of security

Published March 23, 2013

At first glance, "The Gatekeepers" may sound simply like news on the big screen, but it's far better than that. It's as informative as a journalistic piece but has the urgency, complexity and momentum of a thriller. Moreh provides a remarkable insider's look into the struggle for peace in the Middle East, but the costs to the country and to these men's souls sound eerily close to home.


"To the Promised Land" weighed down by lofty ambitions

Published Jan. 26, 2013

The world premiere of "To the Promised Land" that opened Friday night at First Stage Children's Theater has some lofty ambitions. The play looks at an imaginary confluence of a young black girl in 1969 Milwaukee and Golda Meir, the first female prime minister of Israel, who had moved to Milwaukee six decades earlier.


Stunning "Dead Sea Scrolls" a trove of history

Published Jan. 26, 2010

There's no doubt that being in the presence of the Dead Sea Scrolls wields a special power for the devout. But faith is not a prerequisite for marveling at "Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible: Ancient Artifacts, Timeless Treasures," at the Milwaukee Public Museum.


"Broken Wings" eschews war to focus on an Israeli family

Published Sept. 16, 2005

Sincere, starkly painted and at times sweetly witty, "Broken Wings" -- packed with wonderful performances -- rightfully became the darling of the international film festivals, notching award after award.


"Divine Intervention" relies on deadpan looks

Published Aug. 28, 2003

How could a film set, in large part, along the armed borders between Palestinian and Israeli areas be comedic? You wouldn't think it possible, but director Elia Suleiman pulls it off in "Divine Intervention."

Reader blogs:

Don't Bank on It

Once again our Secretary of State is trying to settle the Israel-Arab dispute by creatng a State of Palestine in the West Bank .  Although the Palestinian negotiators also purport to represent the people of Gaza,  the inconvenient truth is that Gaza is governed by Hamas, which opposes a...

The UN Invents Palestine, Again

" "We now have a state!"  Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestine Authority (PA) (1)The Arab State of Palestine, proposed by the UN in 1947,  has existed in the hearts and minds of  Palestinian Arabs ever since, and  the UN affirmed its existence just last&nbs...

Is Tammy Baldwin Anti-Israel?

"Thompson called Baldwin's explanation (about Iran sanction votes)   'the lamest excuse I've ever heard' and then went on to call her 'anti-Jewish.'.....'she's anti-Israel'  he clarified."(1)Calling Baldwin, who was raised by her Jewish  maternal  grandfather  U...

Bibi's Red Line

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ("Bibi") Netanyahu told the UN yesterday that  if Iran crosses the threshold  of enriching uranium to  90%  U-235 (1),  Iran must be stopped from building atomic weapons by any means necessary, including military force.  Sinc...

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