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Senators once again request pardon of Jack Johnson

Published Feb. 14, 2014

Senators John McCain and Harry Reid don't agree on much, but they do agree that a presidential pardon for Jack Johnson is way overdue. On Wednesday, the pair again asked for a full presidential pardon as "an important step in repairing the legacy of this great boxer and a rare opportunity for our government to right a history wrong."


Houdini's challenge

Published Nov. 2, 2013

Harry Houdini not only began his craft on the streets of Milwaukee, he cut his teeth in the Cream City's boxing rings. That all came together years later when he called out the heavyweight champion of the world.


Flowers a pioneer in Milwaukee boxing

Published Feb. 28, 2013

The cause of civil rights in Wisconsin has been advanced through the years by stalwart trailblazers who weren't afraid of a punch in the mouth. Or, in the case of Bruce Flowers - who ended discrimination against black boxers in the state when he stepped through the ropes at the Milwaukee Auditorium 84 years ago - in the plums.


Boxer Harry Wills an inspiration every February

Published Feb. 2, 2013

Nowadays the groundhog and its accursed shadow get all the attention at this time of year, but back in the 1920s, 30s and 40s people knew it was February when Harry Wills became a shadow of his old self by not eating any food for the entire month.


100 years later, "Fight of the Century" resonates

Published July 4, 2010

When Jack Johnson whupped James J. Jeffries in the "Fight of the Century" 100 years ago today, the celebration in Milwaukee's black community was joyful but muted enough to avoid the deadly violence that erupted elsewhere after the defeat of the Great White Hope. Johnson would later live in Milwaukee.

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