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Oh hi, Johnny: A chat with Tommy Wiseau, creator of the world's best worst film

Published Sept. 2, 2015

"The Room" is a not bad movie. Bad movies are nothing special to Hollywood; one comes out pretty much every weekend. No, "The Room" is more like an unholy miracle of awful filmmaking, a movie that fails so incredibly hard it becomes an almighty success in the process. The new cult classic is coming to the Oriental Theatre this weekend, so we asked its creator Tommy Wiseau a few questions. And no, not "So anyway, how's your sex life?"


"True Story" is less than the sum of its talented, intriguing parts

Published April 26, 2015

Adapted from the 2005 memoir of the same name, "True Story" plays like an intriguingly well-paved road to nowhere. The movie certainly presents plenty of interesting pieces: two actors - Jonah Hill and James Franco - playing against type but perfectly cast, a post-Oscar nomination Felicity Jones and a bizarre real story. Part by part, it's fairly engaging, but when it comes time to add everything together, the final sum is as nondescript as its title.


I saw "The Interview," and it was terrible

Published Dec. 29, 2014

As it turns out, "The Interview" was a terrible movie. Let me repeat: The movie was absolutely terrible. Kim Jong-un would have done better to let it die its own torturous death under the weight of bad reviews and word-of-mouth (Sony should have released this movie all at once as planned because word-of-mouth is still going to be brutal).


"The Interview" is worth some solid laughs, if maybe not a cyber war

Published Dec. 27, 2014

Ah, Christmas. The time for family. The time for memories. And, thanks to the collective cowardice of Sony Pictures and theater owners across the nation, the time for me to drive two hours up north to New London to see a Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy. But how's the movie?

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