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Pezzettino preps release of "dark fear concept album"

Published Sept. 12, 2011

Margaret Stutt, the Milwaukee musician now based in Brooklyn that we all call Pezzettino has been nothing if not industrious, releasing a slew of CDs in just a few years. Now, she says, her "dark fear concept album" has reached the mixing stage and will appear soon.


"Pedestrian Dramas" appear on Wisconsin Avenue

Published Aug. 20, 2011

Janet Zweig's much-discussed public art display in Downtown Milwaukee called "Pedestrian Dramas" was installed last week and features five kiosks on the north side of Wisconsin Avenue in front of Northwestern Mutual.


Whew, the council flip-flops and approves Zweig art

Published April 14, 2009

It was great to see the Common Council do a flip-flop this morning on Janet Zweig's flip-photo project for Wisconsin Avenue, getting what would have been a major Milwaukee flop back on the rails. At a morning committee hearing, aldermen were wowed by the turnout and by the messages received in advance of it from constituents.


A designer's Zweig thoughts and call to action

Published April 3, 2009

I first found out about Zweig's innovative art project coming to Milwaukee about three years ago when the project was still just an idea. I was curious. Today, it's grown into a minor "controversy." Here are my thoughts and what you can do to move the project forward.


Defecate on my lawn, la la la la laaaaa

Published April 2, 2009

He's the man you love to hate, Fonz fans, but Mike Brenner helped found Milwaukee Artists Resource Network, once ran what was one of the best galleries this city has seen in a long time, and is one of the few people willing to throw himself in front of the train for public art.


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