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Keeping Summerfest safe: Riding along with Bell Ambulance's EMTs

Published July 1, 2010 Publisher Andy Tarnoff saw a different side of crowd control Tuesday night at Summerfest, where he rode along with the EMTs from Bell Ambulance. When a fest patron gets a little out of hand, these first responders have to keep them safe. And, in a three-hour tour, he saw plenty of action from revelers who weren't exactly thinking "safety first."


Bell Ambulance employees get H1N1 vaccinations

Published Oct. 16, 2009

More than 200 Bell Ambulance employees have received or are receiving H1N1 flu vaccinations this week. "When you do rescue work, the thing they always talk about is 'scene safety'," said Jim Lombardo, the co-owner of Bell Ambulance.

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