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Jimmy at the Riverside with Chuck Garric

Published July 12, 2012

I arrived at my desk this morning to find a little gift from Milwaukee band Jimmy at the Prom. The hard-hitting local rock (with a capital R) quartet has a blood red-vinyl 7" out with two tracks recorded at the Riverside Theater. The platter marks the emergence of the first material - namely "Escape" and "Fist of Doom" - produced by Chuck Garric.


A chat with Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric

Published July 3, 2012

Chuck Garric is a busy guy. He's been touring the world as the bassist in Alice Cooper's band for the past decade. He recently produced a couple of tracks for Jimmy at the Prom. He's working on launching a new music project, and oh yes - he, Alice and the gang are touring as special guests of Iron Maiden, which will bring him to his "adopted" hometown of Milwaukee on the Fourth of July.


Jimmy At The Prom sets the record straight

Published Sept. 10, 2011

For a lot of people, the punk rock attitude lives on in the music that they make even if the music itself isn't constructed in stereotypical punk format. Bassist Matt Turner and guitarist Sean Williamson of Jimmy At The Prom are two guys that clearly haven't lost their attitude when it comes to music, which helps to create a nice sound around the vocals James Dahmann Jr. provides and Dave Schoepke's drum playing.

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