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Featured chef: Andrew Ruiz of Joey Gerard's Mequon

Published Oct. 18, 2013

It's been a year since Bartolotta Restaurant Group took the unusual step of opening two restaurants with the same name and concept, more or less simultaneously, in two vastly different Milwaukee suburbs. We asked Joey Gerard's Mequon chef Andrew Ruiz about how the restaurants are doing, how the concept is faring and about some of his favorite things.


Featured Chef: Joe Schreiter of Joey Gerard's in Greendale

Published Sept. 19, 2012

Joe Bartolotta takes an unusual step this month, opening two identical restaurants at more or less the same time (a few weeks apart), in two very diverse Milwaukee suburbs. Joey Gerard's: A Bartolotta Supper Club is already open in Greendale and a Mequon location opens later this month. Chef Joe Schreiter was tapped to head up the Greendale kitchen and we caught up with him the week the restaurant opened.


A peek into Joey Gerard's: A Bartolotta Supper Club

Published Aug. 29, 2012

When Joe Bartolotta told the top members of his team that he planned to open two restaurants - exactly the same, right down to the name - on opposite sides of town on the same day, he asked those who thought it was a good idea to raise their hands. "Ten people," Bartolotta recalls. "Not one hand went up." But if anyone can pull it off, Bartolotta can.

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