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OnMedia: The year in Milwaukee radio

Published Dec. 28, 2010

Whatever happened in Milwaukee radio is prelude to 2011, the first full year under a new system of measuring radio listening.


OnMedia: HBO's new look at Vince Lombardi

Published Dec. 10, 2010

We think we know him around these parts, but HBO's new documentary on Vince Lombardi offers a picture that goes beyond the quotes we remember.


OnMedia: Targeting Regis & Kelly

Published Dec. 2, 2010

Four Milwaukee radio voices are competing for the attention of Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa: Kidd O'Shea, Wes McKane and Dave Luczak ... John Jagler's goodbye ... The frog in Susan Boyle's throat.


OnMedia: People Meters claim a second victim

Published Nov. 23, 2010

Veteran Milwaukee radio voice John Jagler is taking himself out of the game just as a new ratings system was about to make his job less fun ... Don't look to DirecTV to save anymore ratings challenged television shows ... Seth MacFarlane's "Cleveland Show" makes fun of Wisconsin's waistline.

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