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Made in Milwaukee: Milorganite

Published May 12, 2017

Despite what you've heard, Milorganite is not made out of human feces. When I took a tour of the Jones Island plant, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District agency services director Jeff Spence and public information manager Bill Graffin want to dispel that myth.


Urban spelunking: St. Stanislaus Catholic Church

Published Sept. 24, 2014

While there is no shortage of landmarks dotting the Downtown skyline, on the South Side there are just a few. So they really stand out. Among them, the twin towers of St. Stanislaus church on Mitchell Street are perhaps the most instantly recognizable. And it's been that way since 1872. But, not long ago, the future of the building seemed threatened.


Urban Spelunking: A Lafarge cement ship

Published Nov. 4, 2013

Last month we took to the drink for a tour of a Lafarge cement ship docked at Jones Island in the Port of Milwaukee to unload "powder" from Lafarge's cement operation in Alpena Mich., before heading back out onto the lake for a stop at Grand Haven on its way back up to Alpena.


Milwaukee ghost stories: Brew City's own lake monster

Published Aug. 4, 2013

I headed out to Lake Champlain, home to a lesser-known cousin of the Loch Ness Monster, "Champ" -- the name given to what is imagined to be a small population of animals in the 100 mile-long lake. Nessie, Champ and British Columbia's Ogopogo (of Lake Okanagan) are among dozens of reported "lake monsters."


See live webcam of peregrine falcons nesting on Jones Island

Published June 20, 2013

Two peregrine falcons have made Jones Island their home after hatching this past spring. The Peregrine Falcon Society is working with Veolia Water Milwaukee to host a live webcam streaming footage of Bit and Byte's nest.

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