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The Legend of Rickie Weeks

Published June 24, 2013

Rickie Weeks can hit a baseball. Hard. To hear those who know tell it, the way he does it is special. And he's been doing it for as long as he can remember.


Horror flick "Dark Skies" doesn't deserve to be left in the dark

Published Feb. 26, 2013

Some movies never get a chance, even from the studios that made them. The secrecy and studio handling behind "Dark Skies," combined with a high-profile failed screening in New York City, made some critics wonder if the horror flick even exists. Well, it does, and surprisingly, it's not all that bad.


Brewers dealing from position of strength this offseason

Published Nov. 26, 2012

Nearly a month into free agency, and all is quiet down at the offices in Miller Park. That's OK, though - the Milwaukee Brewers are a team playing from a position of strength not just this offseason, but for many more in the future.


Heat Index: November 2012

Published Nov. 12, 2012

What's hot and what's not this fall? Wisconsin's independent streak remains, as the state shows its bipartisan stripes. And single ladies around town are lamenting the news that Ryan Braun is off the market. Here's this month's Heat Index.


Favre soap opera creates a divide in Packers Nation

Published July 19, 2008

Based on e-mails and a sports-talk radio sampling, there are three clear groups of Packers fans: Favre lovers who blindly back No. 4, reasonable people who want him back for football reasons and people who are tired of him and his annual hemming and hawing.

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