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Taking a classic to contemporary: The Rep takes on "An Iliad"

Published Feb. 26, 2014

It is a story that almost everybody knows, but The Rep's "An Iliad" seeks to tell it like few have seen before. It's a bold show, one that requires a great actor, a great musician and - in this case - a whole new musical score. got a chance to talk to the two people behind essentially a whole new character, sound designer Josh Schmidt and cellist Alicia Storin, about creating the score and why a story like "An Iliad" has endured.


Behind the curtain: sound designer Josh Schmidt

Published Jan. 15, 2013

It could be the sound of a soft breeze whistling through a leafy glen or a rickety train chugging by an open hotel window. It could be the music that you hear when you watch someone cry or fight or die. Those sounds, and a million others, make up the world in which Josh Schmidt lives. The UWM grad is one of the country's top sound designers and a man who knows how to create the sounds that make a theater visit memorable.


Josh Schmidt comes home to the Skylight for a night

Published May 19, 2011

While the Skylight Opera Theatre is opening a production of Josh Schmidt's first hit musical, the unusual "Adding Machine," Friday night, he is a tireless tornado of theatrical activity, working on projects across North America.


The Rep and the APT stretch themselves

Published Dec. 2, 2010

The state's two largest theater companies did some stretching beyond their normal comfort zones in the past week. The Milwaukee Rep opened a one-woman show of six vignettes written for and performed by an English-Australian triple-threat actress virtually unknown in this country. The American Players Theatre in Spring Green debuted its first winter show, a company-commissioned musical, which is also a first.

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