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Kayak to Molly Cool's

Published Sept. 7, 2011

Milwaukee Harley-Davidson and Laacke & Joys have organized a Happy Hour Kayak Cruise that will take place on Thursday, Sept. 15.


The unfortunate sport of street boating

Published Jan. 3, 2011

Remember last July's massive rainstorms and subsequent flooding? Yikes. Some Milwaukeeans resorted to "street boating" which involved canoeing or kayaking to get around immediately after the downpours.

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Chilly Fun at the Gathering Waters Festival

I've been looking forward to this summer. I was hoping that being an intern, along with all of my other summer activities (as well as being about to enter my senior of college), I would be able to learn a lot of things about my city and hopefully, about myself. What have m...

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