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Smoke-free bars breathe easier as trends shift

Published Feb. 3, 2009

Unlike Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Paul and Madison, the lack of an official smoking ban in the city of Milwaukee places the decision to allow patrons to light up on business owners. Until recently, the number of bars and restaurants willing to tamper with tradition was minimal, at best.


Cuvee commits "The Perfect Crime" with rare liquor

Published Feb. 13, 2008

If you haven't yet elevated up to the top floor of 177 N. Broadway to check out Cuvee Champagne bar, the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre combines with Cuvee owners Kris Gorski and Kim Floyd to present the perfect lure.


Cuvee champagne lounge blends well in Third Ward

Published Oct. 11, 2007

If you think about it hard enough, there's always a reason to celebrate...something. At least, that's what Kimberly Floyd, the owner of Milwaukee's first champagne lounge, is hoping for.

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