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Where, oh where, has our winter gone?

Published Jan. 17, 2013

Our winter is a part of our identity. It's part of what we sell to people to come to Wisconsin. It's how we try to make people think that sub-zero wind chill is a joyous event that we can all celebrate with a romp in a snowbank followed by hot chocolate or spiced rum and a roaring fire. But where, oh where, has our winter gone?


OnMedia: Phew, I was worried about a Stormageddon warning

Published Oct. 11, 2011

Channel 12 was promoting coverage of a really advanced forecast about a particularly bad winter, and I thought we were crossing a new line in Stormageddon coverage. ... Aaron Rodgers on ESPN's "E:60" at 6 tonight. ... Cher cheers on Chaz on DWTS.


Predicting Milwaukee's winter weather

Published Jan. 6, 2009

At the start of winter we heard that the lack of a La Nina could spell a drier season than last year and the result was the second snowiest December on record. Now, there's talk that a La Nina has formed out in the Pacific and that it could change our weather. So, I called Dale Mohler, a meteorologist at AccuWeather in State College, Penn., to get his take on where this winter is going.

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