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Up close and personal with the Wisconsin Gas Light Building "flame"

Published Sept. 5, 2011

Recently, Amy Schroeckenthaler, the manager of the Wisconsin Gas Light Building, escorted's Molly Snyder on top of the Art Deco building to hang with the famous flame. They visited twice, once during the day and once at night.


Bowling center guide

Published Aug. 25, 2008

Brew City has long been associated with the noble sport of kegling (aka bowling). Here's the big list, updated for fall.


The bars we once loved

Published Feb. 7, 2008

We're not going to write a country song about our favorite old hangouts, but we must admit: thinking about those bars we frequented back in the day, well, it brings back nice memories.


Missing the world's quirkiest movies

Published Oct. 18, 2007

Now that the Oriental turns 80 -- or more accurately, turned 80 in July - it's got me thinking about when I moved to Milwaukee nearly 25 years ago and the Oriental was an oasis (which means I've been an Oriental patron for almost a third of its lifetime!).

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