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Theaters struggle with gender diversity

Published Jan. 19, 2016

Last week, we discussed the issue of ethnic diversity in the world of Milwaukee theater. This week, we take a look at gender diversity and the efforts to provide more opportunities for women.


Love affair with long-dead man fuels Iannone's triumph

Published Aug. 14, 2015

Angela Iannone, one of the finest actors ever to grace a stage in Milwaukee, has been engaged in a love affair for the past six years with a man who died when he was only 59 years old.Not only that, but the man died in June of 1893. Edwin Booth was his name, the finest actor of his time, the brother of the man who killed Abraham Lincoln and the object of desire for Iannone who has crafted a series of play about this lover.


Theater Preview: "Macbeth"

Published Feb. 24, 2007

The lust for power can do many things to a person. Macbeth and his lady aspire to reign over Scotland. Three witches tell Macbeth it's his destiny, but the only way he can make their predictions true is through bloodshed.


Milwaukee Talks: Montgomery Davis

Published Nov. 23, 2004

When Montgomery Davis co-founded the Milwaukee Chamber Theater, there were only three major theater companies in the city. And after nearly 30 years of being artistic director, he is retiring from the position but will remain on the scene.

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