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Local singer explores the science of tarot

Published Dec. 29, 2013

Jen CintrĂ³n is not the stereotypical tarot card reader. Sure, she has incense and candles and the usual New Age-ish baubles, but she is also extremely down-to-earth with a strong background in science.


New occult shop crystallizes on East Side

Published Jan. 20, 2009

Deborah Voith opened Bewitchingbee, 2456 N. Murray Ave., in July, and the new shop offers classes, tarot readings, candle dressing, spiritual cleansings, spirit communications and Reiki. Plus, Voith sells a nice selection of New Age / Wiccan baubles.


House of Magick attracts fresh blood

Published Jan. 12, 2005

House of Magick, a metaphysical and occult shop at 1210 E. Oklahoma Ave., is experiencing an influx of new clients who are accepting ideas that in the past may have seemed too kooky, abstract or "New Agey."

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