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Which grocery store should land at Grand Avenue?

Published April 20, 2016

As plans for a new Grand Avenue continue to develop, which grocer would be the best for the heart of Downtown Milwaukee? Which store do you want on Wisconsin Avenue?


Mayfair's redevelopment project update

Published May 20, 2014

This morning, Mayfair sent out an press release update on its current redevelopment, noting progress is "well underway." The finished product will add two first-in-state retailers - Nordstrom and The Container Store - new inline retail spaces and a two-level parking deck on the east side of the building.


One more chance for Grand Avenue?

Published Jan. 21, 2013

I almost can't believe I'm writing this, but I think major retailers should give one more shot at saving the Grand Avenue mall. Guess what: There are lots of people at the Grand Avenue mall. Not tons, like I remember it in the '80s, and they're not necessarily shopping at the pre-paid wireless stores or nail salons. They're eating lunch or meeting at the Stone Creek Coffee or working out at the YMCA or scouring T.J. Maxx for bargains.


Inside a ghost mall: Northridge sits quietly, unknown future ahead

Published Jan. 4, 2012

Closed in 2003, Northridge Mall sits in an eerie stasis, shuttered but surprisingly well preserved. Bought by a Chinese investment group in 2009, it was to become a head-scratching "Chinese Mall of North America," dedicated to showcasing Chinese retailers. Not surprisingly, the plan has not come to fruition. We took an exclusive tour inside the empty old mall, where still-growing trees are its only sign of life.

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