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Manitowoc wants to be known for more than "Making a Murderer"

Published Jan. 12, 2016

The excitement about "Making a Murderer" is all online, not at the Avery front door or in local pubs or the County courthouse. The internet's giddy phenomenon is Manitowoc's unwanted reality, and residents are tired of it.


Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department receives death threats, contacts FBI

Published Jan. 7, 2016

Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department officials have received death threats in the wake of the Steven Avery Netflix documentary "Making a Murderer," and they have contacted the FBI about one of them for further investigation, Sheriff Robert Hermann told OnMilwaukee on Thursday.


Avery murder trial juror denies new reports, stands by verdict

Published Jan. 5, 2016

Speaking directly to the media for the first time since the Netflix documentary on Steven Avery came out, a regular juror in the Steven Avery case insisted to OnMilwaukee on Tuesday night in a lengthy phone interview that Avery is guilty and was not framed by law enforcement.

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