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Ms. Manners has left the hotel

Published Oct. 14, 2009

Recently, I was asked about the subject of manners and our society at large. With the recent outbursts at the VMAs and within the hollowed halls of Congress, a colleague asked, "Where have all the manners gone?"


Manners on a milk carton

Published Aug. 8, 2008

The search is on. I'm looking to find peoples' manners -- specifically those of guys who are trying to date my friends.

Reader blogs:

Netiquette 101: People Read This Stuff

I swear sometimes I think people think the net, web, social media, whatever you want to call, is more like a personal bulletin board than the very public freely accessible vehicle that it is. It is as if they think that their post will only be read by people they know or like and forget that re...

Milwaukee Gentlemen Stand Up and Unite

I am a man active in volunteering in Milwaukee. One of the biggest thing I have noticed is the disparity in men versus women participating in philanthropy. I realized aprt of the deal is that the majority of events are geared towards women's imnterests and families (walks, wine tasting, fashion s...

Wally Dog Wears a Questioning Look

Wally Dog and Ethel used to wonder when the kids would quit knocking everything on to the floor.  Many times, Wally would be blamed.  Well, he has been known to knock things off the coffee table with his tail...Now that the kids are older, Wally and Ethel wonder when they will pick up t...

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