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Milworks shop for men opens today in Third Ward

Published Jan. 14, 2016

The belief that most men don't like to shop is one that Jason and Jesse Meyer plan to prove to be a stereotype rather than a fact. Today, the brothers opened Milworks, a retail shop specifically for men, at 143 N. Broadway in the Third Ward.


Milwaukee gets less "manly"

Published June 12, 2012

Milwaukee fell 11 spots to the No. 19 manliest city in the U.S., according to a poll released on Tuesday by Bert Sperling and COMBOS pretzel snacks.


Deal breakers, Part II: The men's side of the story

Published Jan. 23, 2010

Last week, Sarah Foster compiled a list of deal-breakers that will prevent men from getting a shot at the title. This week, she turns the tables and gives the men a chance to respond.

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No I am not talking about werewolves or something (lycanthropy to the non-nerds). I am searching for a term to refer to looking to your local community to help out first – local philanthropy, local activism, local charity.What I am getting at here is – with all the stuff going on in t...

Milwaukee Gentlemen Stand Up and Unite

I am a man active in volunteering in Milwaukee. One of the biggest thing I have noticed is the disparity in men versus women participating in philanthropy. I realized aprt of the deal is that the majority of events are geared towards women's imnterests and families (walks, wine tasting, fashion s...

Online dating

So I'll admit that my opinion of online dating was never a good one. I guess I felt there was a sense of desperation attached to it. Something about advertising yourself in the hopes of landing a date just seemed odd to me. Two friends of mine have done it, and swear by it. They are now in v...

40 of 40: Day 34 & 35

It gets better.Sometimes it doesn't feel like it.  And it sure doesn't feel like it day-to-day.  But, when you get a chance to sit down, or even have a conversation with a friend, take your life decade by decade and add up what you have.Now, I have more confidence, perspective, influenc...

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