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Wrestling comedy "Cementville" trips on weak characters in the ring

Published March 3, 2014

If you are going perform a play about women's professional wrestling, it's a good idea to determine whether the characters are going to be real people or caricatures. That's one of the problems afflicting "Cementville," the dark comedy by Jane Martin that opened at UWM's Peck School of the Arts over the weekend.


First Stage is about theatrical transformation

Published Feb. 11, 2014

Jeff Frank is the artistic director of First Stage. It used to be called First Stage Children's Theater, but now it's just First Stage. Perhaps it's gotten away from the words "children's theater," but it has not retreated from its mission: "Transforming Lives Through Theater."


Chamber's "Things Being What They Are" is a comedic delight

Published Nov. 24, 2013

A frequent pitfall for playwrights that write comedies is a temptation to wind things up at the end with some meaningful reform for the comics that turns them into serious human beings. Most often those attempts end up being sappy and sending an audience home with decidedly mixed feelings wondering whether they were supposed to be laughing all that time. Nothing like that plagues "Things Being What They Are."


"Beast on the Moon" is can't-miss theater

Published March 2, 2013

This examination of a marriage born of and buckling under the pain of genocide is like an intricate dance, with spectacular acting and direction. It ranks right up there with the best plays of the year and should not be missed.


"Cartoon" draws out the best of Youngblood

Published Dec. 1, 2012

Leave it to the boys and girls of the Youngblood Theatre Company to set our heads a-spinning. Youngblood likes to talk about its theatrical efforts as being "cutting edge." Well, this time they cut the edge completely off and left us dangling on a ledge without a safety net below.

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