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Third Ward tour traces Milwaukee's ghost stories

Published April 7, 2009

Allison Jornlin isn't sure she believes in ghosts. In reference to the topic, she calls herself a Fortean, a term named for the American writer and researcher Charles Fort who cataloged curiosities and confounded scientists with anomalies they couldn't explain. Essentially, she's neither a strict believer nor non-believer.

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We Are Not Alone Paranormal Trade Shows

To me, the words ‘trade show’ conjure images of zombie-like packs of business people prowling around a convention center clutching one of those plastic vendors bags. They stop at every booth and grab all the swag they can, while assiduously avoiding eye contact. You know what I mean.&...

Has Ghost Hunters Jumped the Shark with Ghost Hunters Academy?

I admit up front — it could be just me.  I could be going through a seasonal down-swing in my devotion to the whole paranormal reality tv show phenomena.  The shine of Jay and Grant may have dimmed.  The Klinge brothers antics may be inadequate to overcome my malaise.  Z...

Whats Up With My Streetlight?

Our bedroom windows face the street.  There is one particular window that attracts my attention most nights.  It used to be in the attic, but when the former owners of our 137-year old house gutted the second floor, they opened the ceiling up to attic rafters.  It’s a wonderf...

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