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Funding for Shakespeare cut by an unlikely source

Published Dec. 22, 2011

This wasn't really much of a program. It would pair a juvenile offender with an instructor from the UWM theater program, which has enjoyed a reputation as a world class school, and they'd work on Shakespeare. Eventually they'd stage one of the plays. The idea, of course, is that if you show these kids something as moving and important as Shakespeare, it might help them move away from a life of crime.


A theater love story and "Hamlet" in the Fifth Ward

Published Oct. 29, 2009

Many actors trace their careers back to a specific childhood moment in a theater. A live play unexpectedly expanded their world and thrilled them to the core. Amy Jensen is probably one of the few accountants who had a similar experience as an adult.


A wealth of on-stage magic: our top theater groups

Published Dec. 23, 2008

Despite the recent loss of Milwaukee Shakespeare, Cream City still has one of the most vibrant theater scenes in the country and visitors and newcomers are always amazed that a city the size of Milwaukee is home to so many and varied stage offerings. While thinking about what we're thankful for, we started talking about this fecundity of the thespian arts and each of us began to shout out favorites. So, we decided to share them with you.


Shakes Wake provides closure for tragic theater loss

Published Dec. 9, 2008

This past October, the Milwaukee Shakespeare theater company announced it was closing the book on productions after nine successful seasons in the city. Because Milwaukee Shakespeare's demise felt like a sudden, untimely death for theater-lovers, a committee of volunteers got to work on planning an Irish Wake for old Bill's local legacy.


Milwaukee Shakespeare bids us farewell

Published Oct. 28, 2008

Artistic Director Paula Suozzi and Managing Director Carrie Van Hallgren announced today they are closing their Milwaukee Shakespeare theater company due to lack of available funding.

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Optimist Theatre is excited to welcome Ms. Angela Iannone to the cast of the Tempest in the role of Ariel.  Sparks are already starting to fly between Angela and Jim Pickering, as Prospero.  Like a moth to the flame – I know if I get too close, I’ll ignite.  But, what a...

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