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Attempting to unplug Up North

Published July 21, 2009

I actually thought that being deep in the North Woods would compromise my iPhone service and untangle me from its trappings. Silly me.


Relaxing respite in 1000 Pines Lake Home

Published April 25, 2009

Located on Little St. Germain Lake, 1000 Pines Lake Home is incredible. The property includes two buildings: a main vacation home and an adjacent guest house located over a free standing garage. Originally built in the 1960s, a two story addition and remodel plus the guest house were completed 10 years ago.


Minocqua lake cabin life spells r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n

Published Aug. 4, 2008

Although a lot of people warned me that Minocqua is a lot like the Dells, I was pleased to find out that they overstated it a bit. Sure, there's taffy and the MinAquabats water show and T-shirt stores, but Minocqua hasn't been completely washed away yet.


This does not bode well...

Published July 10, 2008

For the first time ever, we're renting a cabin in the woods and staying for a week up north, near Minocqua. Today, I checked out the local site to see what's on tap up there.


Quench your quirk with wacky Wisco destinations

Published May 6, 2008

What if this year you revolutionized your definition of vacation, and instead of chilling in the screened-in porch at your parent's cabin, you road tripped to see the world's largest penny or the Mustard Museum?

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