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Everything is pretty much awesome in "The Lego Movie"

Published Feb. 12, 2014

The joyful spirit of playtime that typically gets packed away when adulthood hits was at pure sugar rush levels during "The Lego Movie." It's not simply the ode to a product that the title hints at. Instead, it's an ode to what that product can inspire: imagination and creativity, and it delivers that message in the most contagiously energetic manner possible.


Milwaukee Talks: Comedian Frank Caliendo

Published Jan. 22, 2014 got a chance to talk to Frank Caliendo, a man of a thousand voices and faces, to talk about his upcoming comedy show Saturday night at the Riverside, his latest impressions, working at ESPN and his secret ping pong expertise.


"Last Vegas": a comedy full of geezers and groaners

Published Nov. 1, 2013

How many tired old people jokes - and you know what; just tired jokes in general - can be wedged into a script before the audience attempts to drown themselves in butter flavoring? This is the difficult question proposed by the new oh-those-goofy-geezers comedy "Last Vegas" - or as I've been calling it with all-too-smug satisfaction, "The Hangolder."


Silly magician heist thriller "Now You See Me" shouldn't be seen

Published June 1, 2013

The star-studded cast of "Now You See Me" almost manages to sell the film's absurdity, but director Louis Leterrier ("The Incredible Hulk," the "Clash of the Titans" remake) and his trio of writers are never willing to leave stupid enough alone. It's a dim bulb slight of hand that'll likely leave viewers feeling slighted.


"Olympus Has Fallen" a brutal assault of bland stupidity

Published March 24, 2013

Being dumb isn't the worst crime for an action movie. Being dull is, and unfortunately, "Olympus Has Fallen" glues itself so rigidly to the "Die Hard" formula that it barely manages to make an impression.

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Rev. Ron reviews "Last Vegas"

It's been some time since I've spent a significant amount of time in Las Vegas but my time has never been as eventful as the movies make it out to be. There's no big breasted beautiful woman in bikinis giving me a wink and a smile, no huge jackpot on my first pull of a slot machine crank, no blac...

Rev. Ron reviews "Now You See Me"

This is one of those movies that, when I saw the trailer, thought it looked cool and agreed with the internet's assumption that it was Ocean's Eleven but with magic. I was cool with that. However, the problem that arises from a movie like Now You See Me is that all those syndicated critics and th...

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