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Kittie builds on a career's worth of metal

Published Aug. 21, 2011

Kittie has been evolving ever since they first showed up on the international music scene in 1999 with their groundbreaking debut CD "Spit." Their innovative brand of metal has since gained them a multitude of fans all around the world. Set for release Aug. 30, their new album, "I've Failed You," is full of diverse and thoughtfully crafted songs that build upon a career's worth of success.


Kittie rocks The Rave

Published Aug. 16, 2011

Supporting their new CD that they will release Aug. 30 entitled "I've Failed You," Kittie brought their tour and unique brand of metal to The Rave for a show that, from start to finish, gave their fans everything they always wanted, and more.


11 years later, Kittie is still going strong

Published July 31, 2010

The Canadian band Kittie exploded onto the metal scene in 1999, when their song "Brackish" brought them almost immediate success. Eleven years later and nearly a million and a half CD's later, the all-girl group is touring extensively and has visited Milwaukee three times in the past year. We caught up with drummer Mercedes Lander during a recent stop.

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