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"Mother of the Year" contest accepts nominations

Published April 14, 2009

Do you know a woman who's doing a particularly fine job parenting? If so, consider entering her in the "Mother of the Year" contest hosted by a group of Third Ward merchants. First place offers $1,000 in goods and services.


Spa guide: Give mom the gift of soothing relaxation

Published May 5, 2005

The same scene plays out all over the country, over the phone, in the kitchen, watching TV, via e-mail: You ask, "What do you want for Mother's Day?" She smiles humbly and gives you that heart-softening smile, and says "Oh, nothing." Don't believe her.


Milwaukee's "Michael Moores" premiere film at Rosebud

Published Dec. 19, 2002

Local filmmakers Janet Fitch and Brad Pruitt documented women and their families traveling from Milwaukee to the Million Mom March against gun violence in Washington, D.C. They later produced the compelling documentary, "Promise of America," and it will show tonight with Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine" at the Rosebud Cinema in Wauwatosa.

Reader blogs:

Mother's Day to my soul mate

This year I had already decided not to get flowers or a card for my mother, not because I don't love her but because I don't even know where all the cards are that I have received in the past.  I decided instead to dedicate every Sunday to spending time with her and my daughter.   ...

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