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Predicting the film winners and losers at the 2017 Golden Globes

Published Jan. 7, 2017

Will "La La Land" dance onto the Golden Globes stage several times Sunday night? Will the clock strike midnight on "Moonlight" and its awards season run? Pop culture editor Matt Mueller makes his predictions for Sunday night's show.


Great Odin's raven! "Thor: The Dark World" is a fun, fresh sequel

Published Nov. 8, 2013

When the first "Thor" movie ended up pretty good, it was a pleasant surprise. Cut to Marvel Phase Two (which never doesn't sound nerdy) and "Thor: The Dark World," which nicely improves on the first movie's formula and delivers a fun time fitting of the gods.


Ballet Beautiful

Published May 24, 2013

After two weeks of teeth-gritting exercise courtesy of Mary Helen Bowers' "Ballet Beautiful" DVDs, I now see that ballet dancers are warriors on pointe.


OnMedia: A Natalie Portman sex comedy?

Published Jan. 21, 2011

Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher try to keep things at a distance in a new date movie ..."American Idol" is stronger in Milwaukee than it is nationally ... Rob Lowe gets funny on the set of "Parks and Recreation."

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Rev. Ron reviews "Thor: The Dark World"

I'm a pretty gigantic geek (you can take that statement to mean that I'm a fat, if you want to be a jerk). Being a huge geek (once again, feel free to take that to mean I am an overweight geek), I love comic books and have been a lifelong reader of Marvel comics. When a property that I've grown u...

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