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Pizza by the slice guide

Published July 22, 2016

Although it's always been a New York thing to sell pizza by the slice, Milwaukee has picked up the trend. You can't buy them every other block, but there are quite of few places around Milwaukee that will help satisfy your pizza slice needs.


In search of the perfect pizza: Leonardo's Pizza Parlor

Published Dec. 13, 2012

I first noticed Leonardo's Pizza, 11051 N. Port Washington Rd., while visiting a nearby business. Located in a strip mall behind a building on Port Washington Road, it can be tricky to find if you don't know where to look. It seemed quiet when I visited early on a Monday evening, but business soon picked up.


In search of the perfect pizza: Loucci's

Published Aug. 29, 2012

Hanna and John Koro celebrated the one-year anniversary of Loucci's NY Pizza, 4720 W. Lisbon Ave., on Monday. If you prefer a chewy crust (and I know you folks are out there) with a tasty sauce, then Loucci's is worth a visit.


In search of the perfect pizza

Published Aug. 8, 2012

Growing up in the Riverwest neighborhood, my pizza preferences were molded by Aldo's and Roseanne's pizzerias. I miss those pizzas, and I've been searching for their replacements ever since. I've tried dozens and dozens of pizzerias, and if I find one I like, I'm happy to share the news.

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