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Found Footage Festival returns to salute the strange

Published Nov. 19, 2015

For most people, bad exercise tapes and other '80s excrement would seem weird. But for Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett ... well, it's still weird. But they love it, and for over a decade, they've been curating these VHS kings of kookiness for their touring Found Footage Festival.


The Found Footage Festival celebrates 10 years of terrible videos

Published Nov. 24, 2014

As the creators of the Found Footage Festival, Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett are no strangers to bad ideas. And they'd have it no other way. For the past decade, that's exactly what Prueher, Pickett and the Found Footage Festival have done: showing people the best of the worst cheap VHS tapes the world has to offer, videos that can often make the tape from "The Ring" seem like a blissful rom-com.


Found Footage Festival finds the most awful gems of a generation past

Published Nov. 25, 2013

When most movie fans hear the phrase "found footage," they normally cringe in fear. It's a gimmick now down to death in Hollywood. The good ones are hard to find; the bad ones are far too easy to find. That's not what the Found Footage Festival, returning to Milwaukee Friday night at the Turner Hall Ballroom, is about at all. Their collection of actual found VHS tapes is bad alright, but the best, most hilarious kind of bad.

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