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On the town in Milwaukee: Less than a year and counting

Published Aug. 21, 2009

We've rolled into the final year of smoky bars and cigarettes over beers. At least indoors that is. The impending city wide and statewide smoking ban goes into effect July 5, 2010 and so with less than a year left, Milwaukeeans have a limited time to embrace and enjoy their tobacco filled evenings.


Sunday Sound-off: Should patios go non-smoking, too?

Published May 24, 2009

By now, almost everyone is aware that all bars and restaurants will have a no-smoking policy in July of 2010. But what about outdoor patios? Should they go smoke-free, too? Sound-off, Milwaukee!


Milwaukee's best smoke-free bar 2009: Water Buffalo

Published Feb. 16, 2009

There are not a whole lot of entirely smoke-free taverns to choose from, but it's clear that the list is growing and growing and next year we wager that there will be at least twice as many vying for position in the readers' poll. But this year, you dear readers have chosen Third War bar and restaurant Water Buffalo as your favorite smoke-free place.


Smoke-free bars breathe easier as trends shift

Published Feb. 3, 2009

Unlike Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Paul and Madison, the lack of an official smoking ban in the city of Milwaukee places the decision to allow patrons to light up on business owners. Until recently, the number of bars and restaurants willing to tamper with tradition was minimal, at best.

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