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Featured chef: Von Trier's Christian Schroeder

Published Sept. 5, 2012

When John and Cindy Sidoff - who own Hooligan's - bought Von Trier, they promised to keep it much the same but with improvements. Stop in today and you'll see the same Von Trier you've always known but with a new sheen. A big part of the upgrade is the addition of small plates. And rather than half-step in, the Sidoffs hired Chef Christian Schroeder to work some magic from a small kitchen above the back room.


A year of chefs, menus and a fried bologna sandwich

Published Dec. 27, 2011

Spend a year writing about restaurants in Milwaukee and beyond, and you will meet intriguing people, see amazing things, and be eager to start all over again in 2012. The dining industry is a microcosm of our culture - the weird, the wacky and the wonderful.


Parkside 23 walks the garden walk

Published Aug. 12, 2011

Walk into any serious restaurant today and talk to the chef or general manager. Within five minutes you will hear these catch phrases: Fresh and local. Field to fork. Everybody talks the talk. Chefs will tell you about knowing real farmers and hanging out with the hogs, but how do we really know?

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