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In a storm, everyone is a journalist

Published Dec. 24, 2012

When you look out a window during a Wisconsin winter storm, you see snow. No revelation there. Yet, when you look out at social media during a Wisconsin storm, you see the same thing, because everyone is sharing it.


OnMedia: This week's return of "Wisconsin Foodie"

Published Oct. 12, 2011

After a year without new episodes, "Wisconsin Foodie" returns this week with 13 new shows airing on public TV. ... WTMJ-AM earns the best numbers in the nation at least partially thanks to a certain baseball team. ... Not all the new fall shows have started airing, including "Grimm."


OnMedia: The seasonal ax falls again at NBC

Published Oct. 7, 2011

NBC dumps its second new show this week, and don't expect it to be the last cancellation of the new TV season. ... WTMJ-AM tops the summer radio ratings. ... Phil Cianciola returns to radio - but not in Milwaukee.


OnMedia: Will listeners pay for their favorite podcasts?

Published July 13, 2011

The latest news from Chicago radio legend Steve Dahl poses the interesting question: Can you make a career out of doing a "radio" show on the Internet? ... PBS announces a show that looks at commercial television ... A sneak peek at next year's "Dallas" remake.


OnMedia: WTMJ's afternoon search

Published Aug. 10, 2010

While Jonathan Green will remain at WTMJ through the end of the year, the station has to look ahead to the post-Green afternoon show ... Keith Olbermann loses his football gig ... Snooki gets animated.

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Phil Cianciola Returns!

According to a tweet from Phil Cianciolla himself his new podcast program PhilCast will be starting on his website  Phil was removed from AM620 WTMJ's Green House program (weekdays 3pm-6pm) in early September 2009.  No details have yet emerge as to why he was removed from the show ...

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