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Philanthropy comes naturally for Kapco's Jim Kacmarcik

Published March 15, 2012

A couple of years ago I was driving somewhere on a summer night, listening to the Brewers game on the radio. All of a sudden I heard Robin Yount's distinctive voice talking about a metal stamping company called Kapco Blue. I'm still not exactly sure what it is. What I am sure of is that Kapco is run by a man named Jim Kacmarcik, who is making quite a name for himself in the world of high-profile philanthropy in the Milwaukee area.


Happy Birthday, Michael Cudahy

Published March 17, 2009

Since it's his birthday, I wanted to revisit a 2002 lunch I had with Michael Cudahy. Please enjoy this interview and let's all remember to sing "Happy Birthday" to a great, civic-minded Milwaukeean, Michael Cudahy. Cheers!

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No I am not talking about werewolves or something (lycanthropy to the non-nerds). I am searching for a term to refer to looking to your local community to help out first – local philanthropy, local activism, local charity.What I am getting at here is – with all the stuff going on in t...

Milwaukee Gentlemen Stand Up and Unite

I am a man active in volunteering in Milwaukee. One of the biggest thing I have noticed is the disparity in men versus women participating in philanthropy. I realized aprt of the deal is that the majority of events are geared towards women's imnterests and families (walks, wine tasting, fashion s...

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