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In a storm, everyone is a journalist

Published Dec. 24, 2012

When you look out a window during a Wisconsin winter storm, you see snow. No revelation there. Yet, when you look out at social media during a Wisconsin storm, you see the same thing, because everyone is sharing it.


Remembering Reagan's assassination attempt

Published March 30, 2010

Twenty-nine years ago, John Hinkley opened fire on President Ronald Reagan. Phil Cianciola looks back at that day and reflects on Reagan's presidency and life in today's PhilCast.


Vintage Kristi Yamaguchi

Published Feb. 12, 2010

For an old winter hater like me watching the Olympic competition every night on TV helps get me one step closer to spring. Heck I was chanting, "USA, USA" at the end of my PhilCast podcast show today. I'm psyched.


Tosa biker joins Armstrong's cycling team

Published Dec. 28, 2009

Mathew Busche finds himself wondering at times if it is all really happening to him. Last year, Busche was based in Wauwatosa, and he was perfectly happy competing in the area. But now at the age of 24, this Tosa resident has hit the big time, with dreams of racing in the Tour de France alongside Lance Armstrong.

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Phil Cianciola Returns!

According to a tweet from Phil Cianciolla himself his new podcast program PhilCast will be starting on his website  Phil was removed from AM620 WTMJ's Green House program (weekdays 3pm-6pm) in early September 2009.  No details have yet emerge as to why he was removed from the show ...

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